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How do I get started using PayGOV?

Contact PayGOV via our toll free number 1-866-480-8552 or by email at

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What type of equipment do I need to work with PayGOV?

No special equipment is needed. All you need are a telephone, computer, internet access, and the ability to receive transaction and reconciliation notifications – either electronically (via email), online or on a fax machine.

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What type of training do you provide?

Our systems are very easy to use. We provide training in person, over the phone, and via webinars. We ensure your staff is fully trained and confident in accepting electronic payments.

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How much does this service cost?

This is dependent upon the service chosen.For a convenience fee model, all fees are paid via the convenience fee charged to constituents who use the service. The cost of accepting payment cards and electronic checks are paid by the people who benefit from the service – not the taxpayers as a whole. For standard merchant models, the agency would absorb the interchange discount and other miscellaneous fees. This works best in specific agencies, such as the public library.

PayGOV.US fees are very competitive and in many cases lower than other companies. We also offer ancillary services: purchase of virtual gift card for payments; E911 third party recording; prepaid debit cards for commissary and payments of restitution/child support; and recurring payments that set us apart from our competition. To date, we have yet to lose even one customer. Instead, we have grown from 4 states into 20 states, expanded into the utility and higher education sectors, and have created a POS ( point of sale) model in only the last year. We are one of only a few companies providing the ability to bail out of jail. The ability to bond out of jail expediently reduces jail overcrowding and allows an individual to avoid lost time at work. Under our cash bond program the County holds onto the funds, using them for fines or fees owed, rather than payment to a bail bondsmen who keeps all of the bond.

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How do constituents make payments?

Constituents make their payments via a toll free phone call, by paying online, or at your counter. Most payments can be made 24/7/365 which helps to eliminate lines at your counters. Depending on your application, PayGOV also provides a service to accept recurring payments, such as the payment of a monthly utility bill.

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Which types of payment cards do you accept?

Depending on the application, we accept all credit and debit cards. In certain instances, VISA branded cards are not accepted when acceptance would be in violation of their rules and regulations.

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What types of payments can be made using the PayGOV service?

We service over 50 different applications. If your agency assess a fee, fine or accepts any form of payments, we can provide our service to you. Government agencies use PayGOV to process payments for bail and a host of fees and fines including traffic tickets, real estate and property taxes, child support, court fines and costs, commissary deposit, probation fees, restitution fees and reimbursement fees.

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How does PayGOV interface with my existing systems?

You do not need to buy any new software or hardware to use PayGOV. The PayGOV system can be provided as a stand alone solution or integrated into your current software provider’s system. PayGOV provides a web interface that enable data exchange and the confirmation of payment amounts. Using our robust online transaction management and reporting system you receive real-time access to all your transactions and payments

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