Town of Fossil Oregon goes online to accept payments

The Town of Fossil, Oregon has joined a growing number of Oregon municipalities offering acceptance of credit and debit cards. Brooklynn Griffith led the effort to find a payment provider that would fit the needs of her office.

The expanded payment capability offers greater customer convenience. With PayGOV the Town is able to provide cutting edge technology without bearing the cost. Customers can pay online on the Town website , over the phone, at the Town Hall, or via a mobile app. These options include paying their obligations via the PayGOV mobile app. The app can be downloaded for free from the PlayStore or Itunes listed under PAYGOV. The Pay Location Code for Fossil Residents is PLC 38764.

PayGOV.US, a leading provider of electronic payment options based in Indianapolis, Indiana and 2009 Indiana Companies to Watch Award Winner, has similar agreements with government entities and utilities in over 45 states.

For more information contact Michael Hiatt 866-480-8552.

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