Why PayGOV

big-whyPayGOV.US is a custom payment solution catered to government agencies. Unlike other services, PayGOV.US can be utilized independently or in conjunction with most existing accounting or bookkeeping systems. The system was designed to maximize speed, simplify reporting and reconciliation, maintain security, provide scalability for multiple payment items, and have the automation of flat convenience fee payments.

PayGOV.US allows your office to process multiple electronic payments, including the use of over-the-counter flat convenience fees as a single transaction. PayGOV.US can easily be customized to accommodate all forms of payments.

Key Benefits

Stay within Budget

  • Absolutely no fees assessed to your agency
  • Agencies receive 100% of what is owed
  • A flat convenience fee is charged to the cardholder for the convenience of using this service
  • Your agency will increase collections and revenue by making it faster and easier for your customers to pay their fines and other obligations
  • Most equipment, software, hardware, training, ongoing support are provided at no cost
  • For Cash Bail: Ease jail overcrowding, Jail administration expenses are reduced when releases are accelerated

Control Funds

  • Reduces cash handled by employees – resulting in fewer errors and less risk
  • Real-time payment notification and reporting
  • Ability to integrate with your agency’s database

Ease of Use

  • User friendly online interface
  • Real-time access to payment information and reports
  • Internet browser-based interface
  • Real-time update

Funds Availability

  • Real-time approvals and reporting
  • Software Integration capability options for automation with cashiering and accounting systems

Your Customer’s Convenience

  • Additional payment options to meet obligations
  • Improved payment hours, your office will be available 24/7 for payment processing
  • Less Costly than securing a cash advance or small loan
  • Avoid long lines and the hassle of obtaining a money order
  • Payment’s can be made 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world
  • Receive a receipt directly to your email inbox
  • Safe, Secure user friendly payment access increases consumer satisfaction

Reasons to Offer an Electronic Payment Solution for Over the Counter Transactions.

  • Increased citizen preference of payment by credit card driven by convenience, flexibility, speed, security, cardholder rewards, reduction of cash carried and short term credit terms (via their credit card).
  • Majority of payments still made over the counter via e-commerce
  • Collections of more timely payments by reducing delinquent accounts and accounts receivable billing while increasing consumption of government goods and services
  • Improved transaction efficiency with increased check out speeds therefore reducing cashiering and other transaction costs
  • Simplified Administrative record keeping with improved paper trails and accountability

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