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PayGOV Announces MWBE Certification

It’s official! PayGOV has been certified an MWBE organization. PayGOV has operated as an MWBE since 2007, but only recently sought certification.

An MWBE, or minority-owned business is a for-profit enterprise, regardless of size, physically located in the United States or its trust territories, which is owned, operated and controlled by minority group members. “Minority group members” are United States citizens who are Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American.

PayGOV GOES MOBILE! Introducing PayGOV Mobile – An app designed for you.

PayGOV announced a major step forward in customer convenience. Joining the mobile revolution, PayGOV has developed a mobile app for smart phones and tablets. PayGOV Mobile ™ is now available free for download on the Playstore or Itunes. Designed with simplicity in mind, PayGOV Mobile allows users to access their payment choice quickly, with a pay location code, or by choosing from a drop-down selection of their jurisdiction. The application can be used for one time or recurring payments. Customers who wish to use the app for recurring payments can register to save their payment details and set calendar alerts to remind them of future due dates.

Town of Tennyson Takes Plastic

Lisa Wyatt had sought to offer electronic payments for customers for years. Unfortunately, most providers charge excessive fees which make any convenience too costly.


Town Clerk Linda Zappala researched several companies to find the right provider to serve the water department. Most companies assess high fees, which reduce the benefits associated with this method of payment. After thorough review one company rose to the top. PayGOV.US is the premier provider of electronic payment services to American Cities and Towns currently serving over 1,000 municipal clients in over 40 States. Their service works by assessing a convenience fee directly to the cardholder who chooses to pay by these methods. This allows the Town to provide new and convenient ways to pay, without bearing the burden of the overall cost.


Taylor County Wisconsin is the latest County to select PayGOV.US for their electronic payment needs. Taylor County has joined an ever growing number of municipalities choosing PayGOV.US to provide these services.

Loves Park Water Department Takes Plastic

Amber Lamb of the Water Department led the selection process to identify a vendor capable of meeting their needs. PayGOV.US provides electronic payments with a twist on how the service is conventionally offered.

Floyd County Community Corrections expands payment options

Karen Kruer Bell, Direct of the FCCC, lead the efforts to expand payment options for clients. PayGOV was chosen because of their long history in serving Floyd County and their willingness to customize payment applications for each department.

Southwestern Bartholomew Water Goes Online

Alan Ross and others at SBWC had sought to offer electronic payments for customers for years. Unfortunately, most providers charge excessive fees which make any convenience too costly. Mr. Ross reviewed the offerings of several companies before settling on industry leader PayGOV.US.

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