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PayGOV enables you to accept electronic payments!  Big or Small, we have a program for you!

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Prepared to address all of your payment needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of products. At PayGOV, if you need it, we will provide it!

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Designed with you in mind

One size never fits all. That’s why all of our solutions are scalable, designed with you in mind.  From electronic payments to integration, simple API’s or custom web architecture PayGOV has you covered!

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Welcome to PayGOV.US!

PayGOV.US facilitates electronic payment for government and utility payments. Our system allows for use of your card to pay government or utility obligations! With our payment solution you are able to make a payment for: taxes; utility bills; tuition; licenses; fines and fees. Our four tiered system allows you to make a payment: Online; through an IVR; via our LIVE operators; or at the agencies counter! Learn More »

PayGOV.US News & Newsworthy:

Martinsville Indiana make leap forward

“First and foremost we are here for the people. Our citizens work hard and expect their elected officials to provide the best service possible at the cheapest price. With PayGOV we are able to do both. At no cost to the City, and with only a low Convenience Fee to those who choose to use these methods of payment, the decision was clear.”