PayGOV GOES MOBILE! Introducing PayGOV Mobile – An app designed for you.

Launched in early 2016, PayGOV announced a major step forward in customer convenience. Joining the mobile revolution, PayGOV has developed a mobile app for smart phones and tablets. PayGOV Mobile ™ is now available free for download on the Playstore or Itunes. Designed with simplicity in mind, PayGOV Mobile allows users to access their payment choice quickly, with a pay location code, or by choosing from a drop-down selection of their jurisdiction. The application can be used for one time or recurring payments. Customers who wish to use the app for recurring payments can register to save their payment details and set calendar alerts to remind them of future due dates.

Enduser payers aren’t the only ones to benefit from going mobile. Municipal and County customers can use the mobile app to quickly process transactions anywhere they have wifi or cell service. This greatly enhances their effectiveness and ability to serve customers. PayGOV is the first company in their sector to offer this option.

Michael Hiatt of PayGOV, “Our goal is to stay ahead of the pack,” explained Michael Hiatt of PayGOV, “Companies that stand still eventually stop standing. We are continuing to innovate and refine our products to ensure our clients are offered the best technology available.”

For more information on the Mobile App visit or download for free from ITunes or the Playstore. Please contact for your Pay Location Code. PayGOV is available at 866-480-8552.