PayGOV Awarded La Crosse County Contract after RFP

After a rigorous RFP process the County of La Crosse, Wisconsin has selected PayGOV.US as their electronic payments vendor. PayGOV competed against dozens of qualified vendors for the contract.

PayGOV has served La Crosse County for several years. This contract provides the opportunity to expand service offerings and enhance customer service.

For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552

Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District launches new payment program

Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District launches new payment program


Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District now accepts credit cards. To pay your water online simply go to ( Credit and Debit
card payments can also be made by phone (866-480-8552) or in person at the office.

The district has contracted with PayGOV.US to provide the service. Nina Latimer led the effort for CSCD to expand payment options. Realizing the need to
offer online payment to the District Nina sought a solution. “ We have had requests to accept credit cards for years. Until now the costs kept acceptance out of reach.” Explained Latimer.

The service provided by PayGOV.US is paid for by those who choose to use the service though a Convenience Fee. This allows the District to accept payments
online without raising the costs for traditional payers.

For more information contact Jonathan Stoops at or 1-866-480-8552.

PayGOV.US assesses a nominal convenience fee processing these transactions. American Express®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® and VISA ® along with debit cards
carrying a MasterCard ® or Visa ® are accepted by the program. Citizens using credit cards with bonus rewards programs can, depending on their card’s
program, earn rewards, points, and cash-back on airline frequent flyer miles.