PIN Based Debit

Pin-Based Debit Transactions!


Our Standard Program allows for Signature Based Debit transactions. However, we can provide you with the ability to accept PIN Based Debit Card payments.

Why accept PIN Based Debit Cards?

How many people do you know “without” a checking account?  I think most of us can say none or very few.  And the majority of banks today issue their clients Debit Cards – also commonly known as Checkcards or ATM cards. When a PIN number is entered a transaction cannot be charged back.  PIN based Debit provides the greatest degree of security and guarantee of funds for clients not covered by our indemnification program.

Debit Card Processing Options

Signature-Based Debit Cards: Signature-Based Debit Cards are known as Offline Debit Cards in the processing industry.  This processing can be used for debit cards that bear the VISA or MasterCard logo.  This is the most common way of accepting debit payments.

Pin-Based Debit Cards: Pin-Based Debit Cards are known as Online Debit Cards in the processing industry.  These types of debit payments require the customer to enter a PIN number.  You can also offer “Cash Back“.


Benefits of accepting PIN Based Debit Cards

  • Pin-Based Debit cost less to process than Credit Cards.
  • Becoming more widely used because of Pin-Based security.
  • Fast, convenient because they don’t require a signature.
  • Ability to offer customers “Cash Back”.
  • Transactions cannot be downgraded to Mid or Non Qualified rates.
  • Virtually eliminates chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

 Debit card

Disadvantages of accepting PIN Based Debit Cards

  • Agency must purchase equipment.
  • Cardholder may be charged by their card issuing bank “foreign ATM” fees.

Ready to Start accepting Debit Cards?

Our setup process for accepting debit cards is simple, painless, and efficient.  To began contact us..screen-shot-2014-08-18-at-163009

Debit cards can be accepted in one of two ways:

  1. Signature Based (off-line) Debit Transaction
    This type of transaction is the most common way to accept a debit card and is processed like a regular credit card by swiping it through the terminal machine. The debit card must bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.
  2. Pin-Based (on-line) Debit Transaction
    A newer and least expensive method of accepting debit cards is as a pin-based (on-line) debit transaction. The card is swiped through the terminal and the customer is prompted to enter their pin number. An external or built-in pin-pad device is required for encrypting and processing the transaction securely. Merchants have two choices when setting up their credit card processing service: 

    1. Terminal Machines with Built-in Pin-Pads
      Quality terminal machines come with the pin-pad built inside the keypad. Many merchants however prefer the external pin-pad for reasons such as, the terminal isn’t being constantly turned around to the customer, etc. Due to strict security requirements, the built-in pin-pad must be encrypted by your merchant provider. Therefore, it is best to purchase the machine from them to avoid any encryption fees or downtime.
    2. External Pin-Pad Devices
      Quality terminal machines are capable of supporting an external pin-pad device regardless if it is already built-in. Due to strict security requirements, the external pin-pad must be encrypted by your merchant provider.


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