You may have considered paperless invoicing before but found the cost to be too high or implementation too difficult. To address these concerns we have developed the PayGOV Freedom™ ebilling program. Freedom™ is designed to be easy to use and affordable for clients of any size. It is rapidly becoming the billing option of choice, saving tens of thousands of dollars and enhancing customer service.

Freedom™ Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution delivers an all-in-one billing and payment solution. Customers can receive email bill reminders, view statements online, manage e-billing settings, check balances and payment history, and make payments by credit card or e check. Our secure and PCI compliant system relieves the burden of storing sensitive customer payment information.

How does eBilling work?

Freedom™ delivers electronic bills via email or web. The two offerings – ‘Push’ (encrypted bills delivered via email) and ‘Pull’ (bills posted on a secure website) provide both overlapping and unique benefits. The optimal approach offers customers a hybrid model to either receive and pay their bills from within their inbox or access them online.

The web portal eBilling process:

  • The electronic bill is available online 24/7. Payment can be made securely and in Real Time.
  • The bill remains encrypted protecting customer’s personal even if their computer is lost or stolen.
  • Freedom™ eBills are replicas of the paper bills, but are also embedded with rich functionality that allows sorting and drill-down, as well as the option to pay from within the bill itself.

The email eBilling process:

  • The electronic bill is delivered to the customer via email, eliminating the need to login to a website.
  • eBills are replicas of the paper bills, but are also embedded with rich functionality that allows sorting and drill-down, as well as the option to pay from within the bill itself.
  • Customers can pay their bill immediately or return to the email later for payment.

Freedom™ e-Billing offers:

  • Online bill pay access 24/7/365 by all major credit/debit cards or checking account
  • Prescheduled bill payments (checking account payments only)
  • REAL Time Approval Notification and Reporting
  • Dedicated PayGOV help desk
  • Account balances and payment information
  • Export invoice account information into Excel
  • View payments/credits on account
  • Works with any merchant processor
  • Can be combined with Standard Merchant or Convenience Fee model

Providing and promoting e-bills and paperless adoption can have a significant impact on your organization’s cost-to-serve and customer satisfaction. By expanding payment options your agency will realize several benefits.

  • Offer flexible paper shut-off options
  • Improves payment accuracy by facilitating account number and address changes
  • With paperless e-bills available, the paper bill can be reduced or eliminated, giving you significant cost savings associated with the paper, printing, processing and postage expenses of each online bill
  • Customer inquiries and exception handling are lower for payments where the customer received an e-bill vs. a printed bill
  • Online self-service functions are more acceptable to customers who view and pay bills online – reducing dependency on expensive customer service representatives.
  • Further “go green” initiatives

Freedom™ e-Billing delivers on the promise of providing a clear path to “paper-free” billing processes and a digital future.

If your organization would like to harness the benefits of online billing and reduce operating costs with online presentment and payment but doesn’t know where to start, we can help.

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