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PayGOV Software Solutions

From courtrooms and jails to treasurers and utilities, agencies need seamless access to their mission-critical applications and information. This is a robust, fully integrated solution that delivers proven information management, unparalleled access to mission critical data and improved workflow.

That means each and every application you select works in concert with the others to meet your specific needs. The result? Enhanced data sharing across the entire platform, elimination of duplication, up-to-date data that’s easily accessible and improved efficiency. Whether you are using our Web-based delivery model, you can manage your workflow from end to end with powerful applications such as:

  • Event Manager: Manage all aspects of administration, including scheduling, events processing, and more.
  • WorksEssential: Enables officials to manage essential information, streamline data entry and access important records fast —
  • Check Manager: Efficiently process all bad or hot check records including restitution, merchant records and fee assessments.
  • Financial Manager: From account management to financial transactions and check processing, enjoy a centralized financial management system keeping information secure and fully auditable.
  • File & Serve: Enable registered users from the legal community to file documents with the court anytime, anywhere via Web-based portal.
  • Online: Gain the benefits of integration and superb functionality at a fraction of the cost using leading-edge, Web-based technology.

Total Solution
Whether you need agency specific applications or a more comprehensive approach, our  solutions work together to deliver your organization thorough and up-to-date information. And with PayGOV, it’s easy to access that information when and where you need it — creating improved efficiency across the entire process.

Financial Software Solution

Take control of your financials with the PayGOV financial solution. Designed to encompass a wide range of public sector needs, this completely integrated system manages all of your core functions.

Solutions Designed for You
For years, PayGOV has been successfully designing, developing, implementing and supporting software solutions —  for the public sector.

In addition to this deep level of experience, we created the PayGOV FTM solution to deliver unmatched flexibility and robust functionality to help you streamline your most essential functions. And from the first consultation and implementation to ongoing training and upgrades, we’re here to empower you with the tools that can efficiently and cost-effectively address your needs today — and for many years to come.

Function and Technology
By design our solutions reflect a balanced approach between functional innovation and the practical application of technology that is consistent with client needs.


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