Convenience Fee Model


Need a scalable, unique solution to solve your credit card “problems”? Does your office operate on a limited budget and cannot afford to work with a bank?  Do you want to move your office forward and offer your customers more convenient ways to pay?  PayGOV delivers a custom payment solution that utilizes a convenience fee program for approved industries.

Reasons to choose PayGOV

#1 Free to you!

PayGOV’s Standard Convenience Fee Program is  provided at no cost to your institution. Most equipment, installation, training, and ongoing support are FREE. Our system is a great way to offer your customers the convenience of electronic payments without burdening all customers with the cost.

#2 Increased Cash Flow

Accepting electronic payments increases your flow of funds. Funds  can be deposited into a multiple depository accounts.

#3 Online Reporting and Reconciliation

PayGOV offers robust real time reporting that the municipality can choose to view by multiple variables. Clients have the ability to view detailed transaction reporting including payment item details and daily/monthly settlement reconciliation reports.

#4 Reduced Accounts Receivables

Reduce your accounts receivables by accepting all types of payments.

#5 Indemnification

PayGOV Indemnifies your agency of loss and guarantees a payment once approved! In the event of a charge-back, we work to resolve the situation on your behalf. You will never have to worry about this liability!

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