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We currently have openings for P/T Inbound Call Center Operators. Below is a general description of the position. If interested, please complete the form below.


Reports to: Tania Wehlage
Position Summary:
The operator’s primary duty is to process phone payments from customers on behalf of our client agencies. They also handle other incoming calls such as answering questions from agencies and forwarding other calls as appropriate. They also email prospects for lead generation. They also perform light cleaning at the end of their shift.
Responsibilities and Expectations:

Job Responsibility

Handles incoming calls
• Primary duty for operator
• No calls are missed
• All calls are handled courteously
• Payments are processed accurately
• Agency calls handled if possible and passed to appropriate person if necessary

Conducts email marketing
• As time permits between calls
• Secondary, but not optional duty for operator

Completes all required paperwork
• Completes paperwork accurately
• Paperwork is legible
• Completes paperwork on time
• Paperwork is filed/submitted as required

Cleans office area
• Operators that close or work on weekend
• Cleaning checklist updated as work accomplished

Complies with company policies
• Represents the company in a professional manner
• Keeps supervisor informed as required/needed
• Participates in training/meetings as required
• Arrives as schedule and ready to work
• Calls in if not able to work or arrive on time
• Is familiar with and complies with all company policies in the employee handbook.

Performs other tasks assigned by supervisor
• Accomplishes assignments in a timely manner

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