PayGOV is a proven, full-service, provider of electronic payment applications for the public and private sectors. Our services are designed to benefit sectors faced with needs not met by conventional products. Based in Indianapolis, we provide merchant processing to thousands of government clients in over 40 states.

We offer a full range of payment processing and related solutions that increase sales, shorten collection time, and decrease bad debt. With a relentless commitment to our clients, we seek to ensure all our payment and processing services meet the needs of today and set the industry standards of tomorrow.credit-card

Our programs accelerate the transfer of funds and ensure the seamless flow of information.Our team of professionals are committed to helping you attain your goals. In today’s ever-changing electronic payment economy our staff is dedicated to offering innovative products.

From traffic tickets and propertytaxes to courts and education, we create, deliver and support solutions and services that make it easier for local governments to manage their complex functions.

With our knowledge and experience — along with focused innovation and an earnest commitment to our clients — we are positioned to anticipate and address the changing  needs of the public sector.

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