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Town of Tennyson Takes Plastic

The Town of Tennyson is pleased to announce that residents can now pay their utility bill by credit card. The Town has contracted with Indianapolis based PayGOV.US to provide this service. Among Indiana Cities and Towns PayGOV is well known as the premier provider of electronic payment services.

Lisa Wyatt had sought to offer electronic payments for customers for years. Unfortunately, most providers charge excessive fees which make any convenience too costly. After reviewing the offerings of several companies, they settled on industry leader PayGOV.US.

PayGOV operates under a Convenience Fee model whereby the service is provided to the Town at no cost and only the residents who choose to use the service are assessed a nominal fee. This provides those who wish to enjoy the new convenience the opportunity, without placing the financial burden on all residents.

Payments can be made at the website, by entering PLC 36775 or selecting our jurisdiction. Payments are also available at the Town Hall or via downloading the mobile app (PayGOV Mobile) for free from Itunes or the Playstore.

PayGOV.US was chosen because of their excellent reputation and their multi-faceted solution.
For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552.

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