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Taylor County Wisconsin is the latest County to select PayGOV.US for their electronic payment needs. Taylor County has joined an ever growing number of municipalities choosing PayGOV.US to provide these services.

Special thanks to Register of Deeds Sara Nuernberger who worked closely with PayGOV to develop a program to meet their unique needs. PayGOV has worked with LaCrosse County Register of Deeds Cheryl McBride, as well as many others, for several years. Ms. Nuernberger had sought a vendor with an excellent reputation and experience working with Wisconsin Register of Deeds. PayGOV was chosen because of their long history in serving Wisconsin Counties and their willingness to customize payment applications for each department.

PayGOV operates under a Convenience Fee model whereby the service is provided to the County at no cost and only the residents who choose to use the service are assessed a nominal fee. This provides those who wish to enjoy the new convenience the opportunity, without placing the financial burden on all residents.

PayGOV.US was chosen because of their excellent reputation and their multi-faceted solution.
For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552.

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