Fountain County Indiana Treasurer Goes LIVE


The Fountain County Treasurers’ office is now accepting payments online. The County moved to contract with PayGOV.US to provide the service. PayGOV.US is the premier provider to government agencies. To pay your taxes online visit and enter Pay Location Code 3717.

Todays’ savvy consumer expect secure and convenient payment options. Fountain County officials have worked for several years to find a program which would meet these requirements while maintaining affordability. Treasurer Colleen Chambers had hoped to broaden tax payment options but was set back at the costs involved. Most banks required the County to purchase equipment, absorb transaction costs, and enjoin in lengthy contracts. These fees were often high and were considered an unacceptable cost of doing business. Especially when the cost would benefit only those who chose to pay via those methods. There had to be another way.

The service provided by PayGOV.US is paid for only by those customers which choose to use it. A nominal fee is assessed for the convenience of paying online. By passing along the normal fees associated with credit card acceptance to the user the County can now offer these options without raising the costs for traditional payers.

PayGOV.US was chosen because of their excellent reputation among municipalities and their multi-faceted solution. PayGOV.US meets all of the Counties requirements today while offering a flexible platform for future growth.

For more information contact Jonathan Stoops at or 1-866-480-8552.