City of Fort Benton Montana goes online

City of Fort Benton Montana goes online


The City of Fort Benton has moved forward on a plan to expand customer payment options. Residents now can enjoy the convenience of paying their Utility
bills online. To pay online simply go to ( ). Credit and Debit
card payments can also be made by phone (866-480-8552) or in person at the Utility Office.

Early research into accepting credit cards led to several companies whose programs were simply cost prohibitive. The City was unable to absorb the costs
involved. City Clerk Patty Parchen focused her search on what other Montana municipalities were using. “

We contacted several Montana Cities and they all had the same recommendation – PayGOV.US. PayGOV allows the City to accept online payments without
paying the fees. Instead of all residents paying more to cover the costs only those that use the service pay a small convenience fee. Offering credit
cards has been a goal for a long time, and I’m happy to report that now we do!”

For more information contact Jonathan Stoops at or 1-866-480-8552.