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Welcome to your PCI DSS 1 AWARENESS QUIZ

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PCI DSS was created by the major credit card companies.
The financial services, healthcare, insurance and higher education industries have the highest percentages of businesses that store credit card data.
The PCI DSS level a merchant falls into depends solely on the number of transactions they process each year.
Merchants can store authentication data - i.e. full magnetic stripe data, CVV2 - but only if that information is encrypted.
Merchants can meet PCI DSS compliance requirements even if they are using non- PA-DSS compliant software applications that are sold, distributed or licensed.
PA-DSS applies to software applications that are considered payment applications by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).
Seventy five percent of all data security attacks are against software applications.
PA-DSS was the first payment card security initiative directed towards software vendors.
Vendors of payment applications have options other than meeting PA-DSS requirements.
If a merchant is PCI Compliant, it is impossible for a cardholder data breach to occur.