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E-Filing Solution

How many claims does your agency receive in a year? Hundreds? Thousands?  Filing these claims with the courts can be both confusing and time consuming. Different cases need to be filed with different courts and different courts require different forms. The process creates enough paper traffic to clog even the most efficient offices.

Now there is a FREE solution
We take your office online to file your claims faster and more efficiently. With PayGOV you can file literally hundreds of cases, with hundreds of different courts, without ever leaving your desk. All the required forms can be accessed and completed online and you can attach additional files in most standard formats.

Custom Tailored to Your Case Management System
Our solution can easily be integrated into your existing court case management system, so there is no complicated software to learn or administrative procedures to create.

Our correction feature allows you to easily correct mistakes without having to redo the entire form. For example, if on a set of forms the defendant’s last name has been misspelled, once you’ve made the correction on one of the forms, the same correction is made on all the forms where the defendant’s last name appears. Using PayGOV you only have to enter the information once.

Here’s how it works
Submitting documents to the court is as easy as printing out hard copies. The only difference is instead of sending your documents to a printer, you are sending them to a file where your documents will be rendered in a digital format that is legally authentic.

Once the forms have been filled out, you can attach any additional files that need to be included. The process is similar to the way you would attach a file when sending an email message. In addition to including additional exhibits you can include special service instructions to insure timely delivery to the defendant.

When the forms are complete they are placed in a batch file. You can submit a batch of cases daily, weekly, etc. The more cases included in a batch, the lower your cost is for filing each case. There is no minimum number of cases required for each batch.

The batch file is sent to the server where each case is routed to the proper court. Your batch file can contain cases that are all being filed with the same court, or with a different court. There is nothing for you to mail, fax, or photocopy. Filing fees are calculated automatically and paid online when the batch file is submitted to the court.

Your documents are received electronically (or by fax, depending on the court) by the clerk. The clerk stamps them and forwards them to a process server for delivery to the defendant. When service has been completed, confirmation will be sent via email.