Perry County Indiana Treasurer latest to go mobile

Perry County Indiana is pleased to now offer payments on the go. With the release of the PayGOV Mobile app all PayGOV clients can now pay their obligations from their smart phone. The mobile app can be downloaded at no cost from either the PlayStore or Itunes. For government agencies currently working with PayGOV, if you would like to start offering the mobile service, please contact us to receive your specific Pay Location Code (PLC).

For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552.

PayGOV Awarded La Crosse County Contract after RFP

After a rigorous RFP process the County of La Crosse, Wisconsin has selected PayGOV.US as their electronic payments vendor. PayGOV competed against dozens of qualified vendors for the contract.

PayGOV has served La Crosse County for several years. This contract provides the opportunity to expand service offerings and enhance customer service.

For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552

PayGOV Awarded Butte County California Contract after RFP

After a thorough RFP process the County of Butte, California has selected PayGOV.US as their electronic payments vendor. PayGOV competed against dozens of qualified vendors to provide electronic payment services for the county.

This is the second contract PayGOV has been awarded with Butte County. PayGOV has served Butte County for several years and looks forward to the opportunity to serve for many more.

For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552

PayGOV Awarded Fluvanna County VA Contract after RFP

After a rigorous RFP process the County of Fluvanna, Virginia has selected PayGOV.US as their electronic payments vendor. PayGOV competed against dozens of qualified vendors for the contract.

Virginia government bodies can benefit from the contract. Under the Virginia Public Procurement Act other public bodies can “piggyback” the contract. Simply put, this means that the pricing and services are available for all Virginia public bodies to utilize.
More information regarding the Virginia Public Procurement Act can be found here

For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552

PayGOV Announces MWBE Certification

It’s official! PayGOV has been certified an MWBE organization. PayGOV has operated as an MWBE since 2007, but only recently sought certification.

An MWBE, or minority-owned business is a for-profit enterprise, regardless of size, physically located in the United States or its trust territories, which is owned, operated and controlled by minority group members. “Minority group members” are United States citizens who are Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American.

Ownership by minority individuals means the business is at least 51% owned by such individuals or, in the case of a publicly-owned business, at least 51% of the stock is owned by one or more such individuals. Further, the management and daily operations are controlled by those minority group members.

PayGOV is a diverse company committed to offering equal opportunity to all. “We are proof positive that a company built on diversity can be successful,” explained Laura Hiatt. “Our unique and varied backgrounds helps our employees interact with varied nature of our clients. All of our customers can expect excellent service – equally.”

This certification will enable PayGOV to seek additional government procurement opportunities.

For more information please contact or 866-480-8552.

PayGOV GOES MOBILE! Introducing PayGOV Mobile – An app designed for you.

Launched in early 2016, PayGOV announced a major step forward in customer convenience. Joining the mobile revolution, PayGOV has developed a mobile app for smart phones and tablets. PayGOV Mobile ™ is now available free for download on the Playstore or Itunes. Designed with simplicity in mind, PayGOV Mobile allows users to access their payment choice quickly, with a pay location code, or by choosing from a drop-down selection of their jurisdiction. The application can be used for one time or recurring payments. Customers who wish to use the app for recurring payments can register to save their payment details and set calendar alerts to remind them of future due dates.

Enduser payers aren’t the only ones to benefit from going mobile. Municipal and County customers can use the mobile app to quickly process transactions anywhere they have wifi or cell service. This greatly enhances their effectiveness and ability to serve customers. PayGOV is the first company in their sector to offer this option.

Michael Hiatt of PayGOV, “Our goal is to stay ahead of the pack,” explained Michael Hiatt of PayGOV, “Companies that stand still eventually stop standing. We are continuing to innovate and refine our products to ensure our clients are offered the best technology available.”

For more information on the Mobile App visit or download for free from ITunes or the Playstore. Please contact for your Pay Location Code. PayGOV is available at 866-480-8552.

Town of Jonesboro Indiana Takes Plastic

The Town of Jonesboro announced that they have moved forward with an agreement to begin accepting electronic payments. The Town selected Indianapolis based PayGOV.US, known as the premier provider of electronic payment services to government agencies, to provide the service.

Mayor Bob McNutt and Clerk Treasurer Brittany Cous made the decision after identifying a local vendor capable of meeting their needs. One of the attractive aspects of PayGOV is their assessment of a convenience fee. The services provided by PayGOV.US are paid for by the user. The burden of the fees are not bore by the Town.
All previous payment methods are still accepted at no charge.

PayGOV.US was chosen because of their excellent reputation and their multi-faceted solution.
For more information contact Michael Hiatt at or 1-866-480-8552.

Martinsville Indiana make leap forward

MARTINSVILLE, Indiana.–(BUSINESS WIRE)— April 1st, 2014

The City of Martinsville has expanded payment options for permits. Residents can pay their permits with a credit or debit card at, over the phone (866-480-8552), or at the City office.

This service has been a long time coming. Clerk/Treasurer Valerie Hugart had been researching the expansion of payment options to modernize the office and improve customer service. She had considered several options but the costs to the City were unrealistic. Residents are dealing with personal hardship and struggling financially and if accepting credit cards meant raising the costs on Martinsville residents then the costs were too high. Determined to find a solution Hugart sought counsel from other Clerk/Treasurers. Overwhelmingly, the recommendation was for a local company well known for exceptional service. Located in nearby Indianapolis, PayGOV is the preferred payments provider for Indiana Cities and Towns. With over 1000 clients in over 40 States they have the government sector experience to handle any situation. PayGOV is unique in that they indemnify and hold the City harmless of any liability from charge backs and returned payments.

This move is just one step in a series of progressive actions by Hugart to move Martinsville forward. When asked about her selection Hugart offered, “First and foremost we are here for the people. Our citizens work hard and expect their elected officials to provide the best service possible at the cheapest price. With PayGOV we are able to do both. At no cost to the City, and with only a low Convenience Fee to those who choose to use these methods of payment, the decision was clear.”

For more information contact Jonathan Stoops at or 1-866-480-8552.

PayGOV.US assesses a nominal convenience fee processing these transactions. American Express®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® and VISA ® along with debit cards carrying a MasterCard ® or Visa ® are accepted by the program. Citizens using credit cards with bonus rewards programs can, depending on their card’s program, earn rewards, points, and cash-back on airline frequent flyer miles.